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Here at B-DAZZLE NORWICH we pride ourselves on offering clients the best in SPRAY TANNING IN NORWICH.

 B Dazzle Norwich are very proud to offer Advanced Spray Tanning Artists available and a wide range of Premium High End Sunless tanning solution including the amazing Inch Loss Spray Tan by Tibby Olivier Launched in November 2014....

Contour D'Or Avant- garde Inch Loss Tan.... this spray tan is infused with Shrinking Violet which will give inch loss over a 72 hour period and is a 3 in 1 Spray Tan.  It incorporates a Spray Tan, Contouring and Definition and Shrinking Violet.  With contouring and definition you will look slimmer immediately post treatment due to the slimming effect of contouring and definition.  This is a fantastic and amazing product that is 3 treatments in one!
Is your dress or outfit a little snug? need to to look amazing on the beach... then this is the tan for you!
Fantastic for definition of abs, very popular with the men!  Reducing the appearance of thighs, sculpting your torso and bingo wings....

Contour D'Or Single Treatment
 inch loss 3D Spray Tan.... £45
 includes 3D Contouring
Contour D'Or Single Treatment Inch Loss Spray Tan - £30

Contraindications exist for this treatment as it contains Shrinking Violet.  Some medical conditions may require a Doctors note or may exclude treatment, as an example a SOYA BEAN ALLERGY  would me an automatic exclusion.
If you would like to discuss this treatment further, or book please call us on 07936 066 144.
A consultation will be done prior to treatment to access suitability to treatment.
50% deposit required to secure your appointment, please also note our cancellation policy full details can be viewed on the page 'Who Are We'  

contour D'Or 2 3 in 1 treatment contour tanning with inch loss too!

contour d'or its for men too!


We offer a wide choice of top quality award winning products to suit all Clients and ensure client satisfaction and confidence. XEN TAN, FAKE BAKE & CRAZY ANGEL, URBAN TAN are all Premium tanning products that ensure a fantastic result.
FAKE BAKE SPRAY ORIGINAL FORMULA AND DARKER FORMULA  BOTH .... so whatever your skin tone we have something to suit you or the occasion !!
 CRAZY ANGEL - A tan to fall in love with!

This range represents excellent value for money.  Is excellent for those impromptu girls nights out and party weekends! Plus perfect if you've left it till the last minute too as this one also has an express tan... Plus it smells divine whilst its sprayed and developing then you can't smell a thing! Choose from Medium or Dark Or Express.... 
With the Express Tan -
 2 hours will give a light tan,
 3 hours a medium tan
 4 hours a dark tan

FAKE BAKE (Seasonal)
Paraben Free, Streak free, no harmful preservatives only the highest quality ingredients actively promotes a beautiful, natural looking tan., for the Original Formula and a natural looking Darker tan with the 'Darker Formula'  Fake bake delivers fast acting and long lasting results.
fake bake bikin pic 
Per Regular Spray Tan   ................. £25 per treatment
Contour & Definition Tan ............... £30 per treatment
(this defines abs, slims and sculpts torso, thighs and bingo wings)
available in 2 shades Original Formula (medium)  or  Darker Formula
urban-tan- extraction u nitState of the art top quality extraction equipment is used in the Salon to ensure the clients comfort and satisfaction.  This meets and exceeds COSH guidelines.

Please note Professional Spray Tanning equipment in use with full extraction facilities. Fully qualified, Insured, Beauty Guild & Xen Tan accredited. Quality premium sunless tanning products regularly featured in Vogue, Tatler, Harpers & Queen, Marie Claire. B Dazzle were featured with Xen Tan in Vogue magazine in August 2011/2013.
Fake it with a fabulous Spray Tan and get a fantastic golden glow without the sun! Paraben free, streak free even application for excellent result with premium quality products.
xen tan olive undertones for the perfect colour, premium sunless tanXEN TAN  - book online    
 one of the best Sunless Tanning products on the market today, here at B Dazzle Norwich we believe in offering quality products that give excellent results. It has a minimum development time of just 4 hours, however most of our regulars tend to go with the usual 7-8 hours.
Premium Sunless Tanning at its very best. Firm Celebrity favourite, consistant award winner, featured regularly in Harpers, Vogue, Marie Claire. Featured on TOWIE too!
This premium sunless tanner with scented moisturisers delivers a fantastic golden glow with olive undertones for a natural even look.
Can last in excess of 7 days if skin is exfoliated and moisturised well prior to and post tanning.
Full Body Spray Tan .................. £25 
Contouring & Definition ............. £32
Half Body Upper or Lower .........   £15

Booster Drops extra £1 - gives a longer lasting tan and upto 2 shades darker
urbantanaroma spray logo
Urban Tan images pic at B DazzleEveryone's skin is different.  Which is why Urban Tan created an exclusive range of solutions to be used individually or blended to create bespoke colours. 
Al Urban Tan solutions are Fragrance Free and PARABEN FREE .  and contain two active tanning ingredients - DHA (Dihydroxyacetone)  and  Erythrulose.  DHA has been approved for topical skin application by the FDA, in cosmetics for over 30 years and is deemed safe. 

Urban Tan is available in 4 colours and can mixed to suit your individual requirements.  Contouring service and Male Spray Tanning are also available.
Customise your Urban Tan with Aroma's., 6 fabulous Aroma's to choose from including a male option.  
Plus Shimmers and Moisturiser's are available to purchase to really add the finishing touches to your customised tan. 
URBAN TAN, aroma spray tan.  Born from obsession.... keeping it real!
Obsessed with the desire t create the perfect, flawless, most natural looking tan, the creators of Urban Tan have finally realised there dream.  and now you can share in their success and experience the reality of the perfect tan - URBAN TAN
It's quality is undeniable, Urban Tan has already gained star status, as the spray tan used by sports, music and TV celebrities.
With a range of colour solutions, fragrances to personalise tans, shimmers and moisturising options are also available to enhance your tan.
Urban Glitz shimmer products add a glamorous  finish to the skin and hair.  Complementing all skin types, choose from
Urban Glitz Glow with its irresistible iridescent sheen
Urban Glitz Shimmer for a gorgeous golden glamour 
Urban Glitz Bride a sultry, shimmering silver
Available in an easy to use pump action 60ml bottle, Urban Glitz is unscented, paraben free and contains pure aloe vera to keep the hair and skin moisturised and healthy.  Spray all over for a dazzling display or for a more subtle finish simply add to highlight - get set to sparkle in the salon or home with the perfect  product to use as a hair and body spray
Personalise your tan with the choice of one of six Urban Tan Aroma zone fragrances. or for a more sultry aroma, Holiday Romance wi hit the spot.  Each one contains essential ois designed to appeal to an individual's mood.  So if you're looking for a zesty pick me up, it's Fruit Vibe for you or for a more sutry aroma, Holiday Romance will hit the spot. The balanced fragrances in Aroma one when blended with the Urban Tan solution,  will also help disguise any faint aroma that some people experience when using Spray Tans (DHA and Erythrulose based products)